What is Food Sense?

Food Sense is a monthly food buying co-op for anyone who wants to stretch their grocery dollars. Food Sense provides a monthly box of staple grocery items at a discounted price as well as a selection of family-sized specials.

Payment Options

At this time, online purchases can be paid for using Credit Card only. For payments using cash, check, or EBT, please contact the site coordinator at your preferred pickup location to place your order.

Pickup Locations

We have 57 pickup locations in our eleven county service area.

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August Package

Our August food package is $20.50 and includes all of the following items:
Ground Beef, 1lb.
Marinated Pork Kabobs, 1lb.
Tilapia Fillets, 1lb.
Hot Dogs, 1 lb.
Chicken Breasts, 1.66 lbs (avg.)
Hamburger Helper, 5.8oz
Elbow Macaroni, 1 lb.
Pizza Pepperoni, 10 oz
Corn, 15 oz
Strawberries, 1 lb
Produce #1
Produce #2

August Specials

Any of our August Specials can be purchased by adding them to your cart.
Chicken Wings

#1 Chicken Wings

5 lbs for $11.00
The chicken wings can be cooked in the air-fryer or oven
Pork Tenderloin

#2 Pork Tenderloin

1.7 lbs (avg.) for $4.50
Lobster Bites

#3 Lobster Bites

15 oz for $5.00
Description here
Mozzarella Sticks

#4 Mozzarella Sticks

3 lbs for $11.50
Protein Box

#5 Protein Box

5 lbs for $13.50

#6 Meatballs

5 lbs for $13.00
The Italian meatballs are fully-cooked and are a five- pound bag.

Customer Support

If you have any questions please contact your pickup location directly.

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